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Trevor Short Ph.D.(c), CSCS


Empower Human Performance was founded on the basis of the practical application of principles in exercise physiology & biomechanics.

Our mission is to empower athletes and practitioners to perform at their best through education, analysis, and training


  • Exercise Physiology Lecturer @ the University of Hawaii - Manoa

  • Coach to NFL, Olympic, and Collegiate athletes

  • Former COO of multi-million dollar training studios

  • 1000+ Running Gait Analysis

  • NSCA Hawaii State Advisory Board

  • Research Interests: Critical Power, Force Velocity Profiling, Running Economy, Change of Direction Performance, Training Optimization

  • Former NCAA Football Player


My Story

As an undersized & not naturally gifted collegiate football player, I used the principles of exercise physiology to get an edge on the field. I fell in love with the training and conditioning aspect of the sport, more so than the sport itself... I found my passion. I decided to dedicate my life to become a professor; studying, coaching, and teaching athletes & practitioners the art of exercise physiology. I strongly believe that my role is to empower athletes & practitioners to perform at their best through education, which is why I founded Empower Human Performance.

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