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Incredibox APK: Join the Beatbox Crew and Make Your Own Music on Android

Incredibox Apkcombo: How to Download and Use the Fun Music Game

If you love music and want to create your own songs with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers, then you should try incredibox. Incredibox is a music game that lets you drag and drop sound icons on different characters to make them sing and start to compose your own music. You can choose from different musical styles, unlock animated bonuses, record and share your mix, and even join the Top 50 chart if your mix gets enough votes from other users.

But how can you download incredibox on your Android device? One of the easiest ways is to use apkcombo, a website that allows you to download APK files of various apps and games for free. APK files are the installation files for Android apps that you can install manually on your device without using Google Play Store. This way, you can access apps that are not available in your region, or get the latest updates before they are officially released.

incredibox apkcombo

In this article, we will show you how to download incredibox from apkcombo, and how to use it to create your own music. Follow these simple steps and have fun with this amazing music game.

How to Download Incredibox from Apkcombo

To download incredibox from apkcombo, you need to follow these steps:

  • Open your web browser and go to . This is the search page for incredibox on apkcombo.

  • You will see a list of results for incredibox APK files. Choose the one that matches your device's specifications and click on it. For example, if you have an Android 5.1 device, you can choose the incredibox APK version 0.5.4.

  • You will be redirected to the download page for that APK file. Click on the green "Download APK" button to start downloading the file.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the file on your device's storage and tap on it to install it. You may need to enable "Unknown sources" in your device's settings to allow installation from third-party sources.

  • Wait for the installation process to finish, and then open incredibox from your app drawer or home screen.

You have successfully downloaded incredibox from apkcombo. Now you can start creating your own music with this fun game.

How to Use Incredibox to Create Your Own Music

To use incredibox to create your own music, you need to follow these steps:

  • When you open incredibox, you will see a menu with different versions of the game. Each version has a different musical style and theme. You can choose from Alpha (old school beatbox), Little Miss (R&B), Sunrise (pop), The Love (romantic), Brazil (samba), Alive (electro), Jeevan (Indian), Dystopia (dark), or Future (sci-fi).

  • Once you choose a version, you will see an interface with seven blank characters and twenty sound icons. These icons are divided into four categories: beats, effects, melodies, and voices. Each icon represents a unique acappella sound loop that you can drag and drop on any of the characters to make them sing. You can use up to seven icons at a time, and you can mix and match them as you like.

  • As you drag and drop the icons, you will see the characters change their appearance and animation according to the sound they are producing. You will also hear the sound loops blend together to form a harmonious music track. You can adjust the volume of each sound loop by tapping on the character and sliding the bar.

  • If you want to remove a sound loop from a character, you can drag and drop it back to the icon tray, or tap on the character and press the "X" button. You can also swap sound loops between characters by dragging and dropping them on each other.

  • As you create your music, you will also unlock animated bonuses that will add some extra flair to your mix. These bonuses are triggered by certain combinations of sound loops, and they will appear on the top right corner of the screen. You can tap on them to activate them, and they will play for a few seconds before disappearing. Some examples of bonuses are fireworks, rainbows, hearts, robots, and aliens.

  • When you are happy with your mix, you can record it by tapping on the red "REC" button on the top left corner of the screen. You can record up to three minutes of your mix, and you can pause and resume the recording as you wish. You can also add some effects to your recording by tapping on the "FX" button next to the "REC" button. You can choose from echo, reverb, chorus, or flanger effects.

  • After you finish recording your mix, you can save it by tapping on the green "SAVE" button on the top left corner of the screen. You will be asked to enter a name for your mix, and then you will see a preview of your mix with a QR code and a link. You can scan the QR code or copy the link to share your mix with others. You can also submit your mix to the Top 50 chart by tapping on the "SUBMIT" button. Your mix will be reviewed by incredibox's team before being published on the chart.

  • To access the Top 50 chart, you can tap on the trophy icon on the menu screen. You will see a list of the most popular mixes created by other users around the world. You can listen to them, vote for them, or share them with others. You can also see your own mixes and their rankings on the chart.


Incredibox is a fun and easy way to create your own music with a bunch of beatboxers. You can download it from apkcombo for free and enjoy its different musical styles and themes. You can also record and share your mixes with others, and join the Top 50 chart if your mix gets enough votes.

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Here are some tips and tricks for using incredibox:

  • Experiment with different combinations of sound loops and bonuses to find your own style and mood.

  • Use headphones or speakers to enjoy the full quality of the sound.

  • Check out incredibox's website for more information about the game and its creators.

  • Follow incredibox on social media for news, updates, and contests.

  • Have fun and be creative!

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned how to download and use incredibox from apkcombo. Now it's time for you to try it out and make some awesome music.


What are the system requirements for incredibox?

Incredibox requires Android 5.0 or higher, and at least 100 MB of free storage space.

How much does incredibox cost?

Incredibox is free to download from apkcombo, but it has some in-app purchases that allow you to access more versions of the game.

Is incredibox safe and legal to download?

Incredibox is safe and legal to download from apkcombo, as long as you download it from a trusted source and scan it for viruses before installing it. However, downloading APK files from third-party sources may pose some risks, such as malware infection or data theft. Therefore, we recommend that you use caution when downloading APK files from unknown sources, and always check their reviews and ratings before downloading them. You can also use a VPN to protect your online privacy and security when downloading APK files from apkcombo.

How can I learn more about incredibox and its creators?

Incredibox is a music game created by a French company called So Far So Good, founded by three friends who share a passion for music and design. You can learn more about incredibox and its creators by visiting their website , where you can find their portfolio, blog, contact information, and more.

What are some alternatives to incredibox?

If you like incredibox, you might also like some other music games that let you create your own songs and beats. Here are some examples:

  • Music Maker Jam: A music app that lets you mix and remix loops, beats, and vocals from different genres and styles. You can also record your own voice, apply effects, and share your creations with others.

Beat Snap: A music app that lets you make beats and music with your fingers. You can choose from hundreds of sounds, instruments, and effects, and arrange them on a grid. You can also record your own sounds, e

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