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True Skate Mod Apk v1.02: The Ultimate Skating App with Unlimited Money and All Skateparks

True Skate Mod APK: The Ultimate Skateboarding Sim for Android

If you are a fan of skateboarding, you might have heard of True Skate, one of the most popular and realistic skateboarding games on mobile devices. Developed by True Axis, this game has over 5 million downloads on Google Play Store and a 4.3-star rating from more than 200,000 users. True Skate lets you experience the thrill of skating on your phone or tablet, with a physics-based system that makes the board react to your finger movements. You can perform various tricks, explore different skateparks, customize your skateboard and character, edit your replays, and compete with other players online.

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However, if you want to enjoy the full potential of this game, you might want to try the modded version of True Skate, which gives you unlimited money, unlocks all skateparks, maps, decks, wheels, trucks, grips, shoes, apparel, characters, DIY objects, and more. With this modded version, you can access all the features and content that are otherwise locked or require in-app purchases. You can also enjoy a smoother gameplay without any ads or interruptions. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about True Skate Mod APK, including its features, how to download and install it, tips and tricks to master it, review, and FAQs.

Features of True Skate Mod APK

Realistic physics and controls

One of the main attractions of True Skate is its realistic physics and controls that make you feel like you are skating on a real board. You can use your fingers to flick the board, drag it on the ground, or swipe it in different directions to perform various tricks. You can also use a gamepad for a more comfortable experience. The board reacts instantly to your inputs, depending on the position, direction, speed, and strength of your finger or stick. You can do any trick imaginable with true control of the board, such as ollies, kickflips, heelflips, pop shove-its, hardflips, varials, 360s, grinds, slides, manuals, darkslides, impossibles, and more.

Variety of skateboards and skateparks

Another feature that makes True Skate stand out is its variety of skateboards and skateparks that you can choose from. You can customize your skateboard with different decks, wheels, trucks, and grips from famous brands such as Santa Cruz, DGK, Primitive, MACBA Life, Grizzly, MOB, Independent, Knox, Creature, Nomad, Capitol, ALMOST, Blind, Cliche, Darkstar, Enjoi, Jart, Zero, and more. You can also change the color and size of your board according to your preference.

As for the skateparks, you can shred over 20 real-world spots including; The Berrics, SPoT, Love Park, MACBA, & Street League Skateboarding Championship Courses from 2012. additional maps and courses from the modded version, such as Schoolyard, Inbound, Double Infinity, SLS Hangar, and more. Each skatepark has its own unique features, obstacles, ramps, rails, ledges, stairs, gaps, and challenges that you can explore and master.

Customization options and replay editor

True Skate also lets you customize your character and your replays with various options. You can change your character's appearance with different shoes, apparel, hats, glasses, and accessories from brands such as Adidas, Nike SB, Vans, Emerica, Lakai, DC Shoes, Diamond Supply Co., Thrasher Magazine, and more. You can also adjust your character's stance, height, weight, and skin tone.

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Moreover, you can edit your replays with a powerful replay editor that allows you to trim, cut, slow down, speed up, zoom in, zoom out, rotate, and add effects to your clips. You can also add music and sound effects to your replays to make them more lively and fun. You can save your replays to your device or share them online with other players.

DIY objects and community challenges

If you want to unleash your creativity and challenge yourself in True Skate, you can use the DIY objects feature and the community challenges feature. The DIY objects feature lets you create your own skatepark by placing various objects such as ramps, boxes, pipes, benches, and more on the map. You can also resize, rotate, and move the objects to create your own custom layout. You can save your DIY skatepark and play on it anytime you want.

The community challenges feature lets you participate in various missions and tasks that are created by other players or by the developers. You can also create your own challenges and share them with the community. You can earn rewards and reputation by completing challenges and ranking up on the leaderboards.

How to Download and Install True Skate Mod APK

Requirements and permissions

To download and install True Skate Mod APK, you need to have an Android device that runs on Android 4.1 or higher. You also need to have at least 100 MB of free storage space on your device. Additionally, you need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources on your device settings. This will allow you to install the modded version of True Skate that is not available on the official Google Play Store.

Furthermore, you need to grant some permissions to True Skate Mod APK when you install it. These permissions include access to your device's storage, camera, microphone, and internet connection. These permissions are necessary for the game to function properly and to access its features.

Steps to download and install

Here are the steps to download and install True Skate Mod APK on your Android device:

  • Click on this link to download the latest version of True Skate Mod APK file on your device.

  • Once the download is complete, open the file manager app on your device and locate the downloaded file.

  • Tap on the file and select "Install" to start the installation process.

  • Wait for a few seconds until the installation is finished.

  • Launch the game from your app drawer or home screen and enjoy playing True Skate Mod APK with unlimited money and unlock all skatepark.

How to update the modded version

To update True Skate Mod APK, you need to follow the same steps as above. However, you need to make sure that you uninstall the previous version of True Skate Mod APK before installing the new one. This will prevent any conflicts or errors that might occur during the installation process. You also need to back up your game data before uninstalling the old version if you want to keep your progress and settings.

Tips and Tricks to Master True Skate Mod APK

Practice in sandbox mode

If you are new to True Skate or want to improve your skills, you should practice in sandbox mode first. Sandbox mode is a free-play mode where you can skate on any map without any time limit or objectives. You can use this mode to familiarize yourself with the controls, the physics, the tricks, and the skateparks. You can also experiment with different settings and options in sandbox mode to find what suits you best.

Learn the basic tricks and combos

To perform well in True Skate, llies, kickflips, heelflips, pop shove-its, hardflips, varials, 360s, and more. You can learn how to do these tricks by following the tutorials in the game or by watching videos online. You can also combine these tricks with grinds, slides, manuals, and flips to create combos that will increase your score and reputation. You can check the trick book in the game to see the list of tricks and combos that you can do and how to do them.

Use the gamepad or touch controls

True Skate offers two types of controls that you can use to play the game: gamepad or touch controls. You can choose the one that suits you best or switch between them depending on your preference. The gamepad control lets you use a physical controller to control the board and perform tricks. You can use any compatible Bluetooth or USB gamepad that works with your device. The touch control lets you use your fingers to control the board and perform tricks. You can use one or two fingers depending on your preference. You can also adjust the sensitivity and position of the touch controls in the settings menu.

Follow the leader and complete missions

If you want to challenge yourself and improve your skills in True Skate, you can follow the leader and complete missions in the game. The follow the leader mode lets you follow a ghost skater that performs tricks and combos on a map. You have to copy their moves and try to keep up with them as long as possible. You can choose from different difficulty levels and skaters to follow. The missions mode lets you complete various tasks and objectives on a map. You have to perform specific tricks, combos, or actions within a time limit or with a certain

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